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Text Box: Beverly’s masks have gained international exposure on very famous faces. The Starlight Foundation of California presented Janet Jackson with a Black Cat mask during an awards ceremony recognizing her work with children. Aerosmith lead singer Stephen Tyler wore an elaborate leather, feather and raffia mask studded with seashells and stones, made by Beverly Boulet, while performing on the 1994 Grammy Awards.
 In February,2000, Vanna White and The Rockin’ Dopsie Band danced on The Wheel of Fortune show carrying decorated umbrellas from Beverly’s 
Professor Daddy-O collection.

These and other original creations by 
Ms. Boulet have found their way into 
national and international collections.

Text Box: Born in Lake Charles Louisiana, artist Beverly Boulet
 has been honing her skills since the age of four, 
when her older sister Edie taught her the basics of drawing. Continuous childhood crafting and painting classes led to seven years of art studies, including landscape architecture and interior and fashion design.

 Soon after college, she made New Orleans her home a
and gained local recognition painting portraits. She 
began to implement her knowledge of face and head structure in mask making around 1980, when a Vieux Carre shop owner asked her to make some feather masks. Few local crafters used that medium at the time and there were no inexpensive imports filling the store shelves.

 Ms. Boulet's masks caught the attention of several other shop owners, who all wanted unique creations, so Beverly began developing new styles and trying different materials. Leather, lace and beads found their way into her pieces and she invented several of her own techniques. She custom dyes feathers, fabrics and 
lace, and uses her own recipe for stiffening the lace to form the mask, which can then
 be softened with a blow dryer to fit your favorite face.
Text Box: Beverly at Mask Market
Text Box: Artist Beverly Boulet
Handmade masks 
and costumes
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